HAWKBERG® is at the forefront of technological innovation, specializing in the design, construction, and global delivery of state-of-the-art security solutions. Our X-Ray Baggage Scanners employ cutting-edge technology to detect and identify concealed threats, ensuring the safety of critical infrastructure, transportation hubs, and global trade networks.

In addition to our X-Ray Baggage Scanners, HAWKBERG® offers Under Vehicle Scanning Systems (UVSS) that provide unparalleled security for vehicular access points. Our Walkthrough Gates are designed with precision to screen individuals swiftly and accurately, bolstering security at entry and exit points. To enhance on-the-go security measures, our Handheld Metal Detectors offer unparalleled portability and effectiveness.

Furthermore, HAWKBERG®'s Security Bollards are engineered to safeguard high-risk areas, providing a robust physical barrier against unauthorized vehicular access. Our unwavering commitment to security and safety is why millions worldwide trust HAWKBERG® to protect them today, tomorrow, and always. Experience peace of mind with HAWKBERG®—your global security partner.

HAWKBERG's certifications and standards signify dedication to quality and safety in security equipment. These achievements demonstrate commitment to providing effective solutions like X-ray baggage scanners, under vehicle scanning systems, walkthrough gates, handheld metal detectors, and security bollards for various security applications, bolstering trust in products.
- X Ray Baggage Scanners (TSA, ECA CEP....)
- Under Vehicle Scanning Systems UVSS (ASTM, PAS68 ....)
- Walkthrough gates (NIST ....)
- Handheld Metal detectors ( NIST...)
- Security Bollards (PAS 68, IWA 14...)

X ray baggage scanners

Walkthrough through metal detectors

Under vehicle scanning systems (UVSS)

Handheld metal detectors & wands

High end security bollards

Hawkberg Security Ecosystem


TSA certification is required for X-ray baggage scanners used in airports and transportation hubs in the United States. It ensures that the equipment meets specific performance and image quality standards for detecting threats and contraband in baggage.

ECAC CEP certification is applicable in European airports. It assesses the performance of X-ray baggage scanners to ensure they meet the necessary security requirements for aviation.

ASTM F2656 is a standard for crash testing of security barriers, including under-vehicle scanning systems. It evaluates the ability of UVSS equipment to withstand vehicle impact and maintain functionality.

NIST provides standards and guidelines for the performance and testing of walkthrough metal detectors. Compliance with these standards ensures that the gates effectively detect metal objects on individuals passing through.

PAS 68 is a British standard that certifies the impact resistance of security bollards and barriers. This certification ensures that the bollards can withstand vehicle impacts at specified speeds, making them suitable for high-security installations.

IWA 14 (International Workshop Agreement 14), IWA 14 is an international standard for vehicle security barriers, including security bollards. It assesses the ability of bollards to resist vehicle attacks and protect critical infrastructure.


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