Handheld Metal Detector Portable Light Weight, HAWKBERG® HB 1616LWP – a technical masterpiece that redefines the landscape of security screening. This device isn’t just about metal detection; it’s a fusion of precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, all wrapped in an exceptionally lightweight design. Its portability knows no bounds, offering security personnel across various sectors an unparalleled advantage. The HB 1616LWP’s innovative low-voltage lithium battery, coupled with USB direct charging, ensures not only extended operational hours but also an environmentally conscious approach to energy consumption. Its expansive detection area and durable plastic enclosure transcend traditional limitations, guaranteeing a thorough and resilient screening process. With an anti-knock wristband and advanced multi-chip integrated circuitry, the HB 1616LWP is more than a metal detector – it’s a testament to innovation, efficiency, and the future of security screening.

Step into the future of security with the HAWKBERG® HB 1616LWP Handheld Metal Detector Portable Light Weight– a game-changer that’s redefining the rules. This device’s lightweight prowess isn’t just a convenience; it’s a paradigm shift in portability. Security professionals can now navigate through screenings effortlessly, unburdened by heavy equipment. HB 1616LWP’s groundbreaking low-voltage lithium battery, accompanied by USB direct charging, ensures prolonged operation while embracing sustainable practices. Its remarkable detection area, housed within a durable plastic enclosure, signifies resilience and accuracy that transcends traditional standards. A user-friendly design, fortified by an anti-knock wristband, ensures reliable performance in any situation. With a multi-chip integrated circuit and high-capacity lithium battery at its core, HB 1616LWP is poised to revolutionize security screening, carving a path towards a more efficient and secure future.

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TemperatureOperating -15°~+55°C,  Storage -30°~80°C
Humidity98% relative humidity
Ingress protectionIP55
Weight200 grams (including lithium battery)
320 x 70 x 40mm(12.59 x 2.75 x 1.57inch)
ConformityTested and approved to EEC EN5008-1 Table 1. EN50082-1 Table 1:1.1
Radiated emissions Conforms to international standards: CE mark lEC,
NILEC of FCC, FAA, NIJ Standard-0602.02.
SafetyNo risk to persons with pacemakers or pregnant women
Non interference to magnetic recorded material
Power requirement3.7V ploymer lithium battery (Can be customized to 9V (6F22) battery version
BatteryStandby mode current 40mA
CurrentVibration alarm mode 80mA
Using 5V USB charger
ChargingStandby power 10 milliwatt
ConsumptionStandby time 250 ~300 Hours
Operation time 120 ~ 150 Hours
IndicatorsRed LED when charging, Blue LED when fully charged
Light indicator on metal detection
Pins 30mm
64 type pistol 120mm
Six inch dagger 120mm
Diameter 20mm
Steel ball 60mm
One dollar coin 70mm


Technical SpecificationsTechnical specification sheet for HAWKBERG HB 1616 LWP Handheld Metal Detector
User ManualUser manual for HAWKBERG HB 1616 LWP Handheld Metal Detector
Maintenance ManualMaintenance manual for HAWKBERG HB 1616 LWP Handheld Metal Detector
DrawingsDimensions for HAWKBERG HB 1616 LWP Handheld Metal Detector
CertificationsCE              FCC               RoHS
Special InstructionsSafety instruction set for HAWKBERG HB 1616 LWP Handheld Metal Detector
Version InformationEngineering modification details for HAWKBERG HB 1616 LWP Handheld Metal Detector
SoftwareSoftware for HAWKBERG HB 1616 LWP Handheld Metal Detector
FirmwareFirmware for HAWKBERG HB 1616 LWP Handheld Metal Detector

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