Area Scan based Under Vehicle Scanner, HAWKBERG® HB7080UVSS QB is an advanced flush-mounted UVSS (Under Vehicle Scanning System) designed to produce area scan images with minimal distortion. It leverages area scan technology, a hallmark of this system, to not only ensure consistent and low-distortion images for the same vehicle but also to create a foundation for the integration of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms.

Area Scan Under Vehicle Scanner excels in generating low-distortion area scan images, boasting a remarkable 4096P color image output resolution. Real-time imaging capabilities enable instantaneous display of scanned chassis components, and the system’s adaptability to vehicles with varying chassis heights, combined with support for bi-directional scanning through embedded triggers and License Plate Recognition (LPR) functionality at both the front and rear, underscores its suitability for comprehensive under-vehicle inspections.

Crafted from rugged stainless steel, HB7080UVSS QB is primed for operation in the most demanding environments. Further enhancing its prowess are an array of Image Signal Processing (ISP) functions, encompassing brightness adjustment, saturation control, and color balance modulation. With an impressive capacity to accommodate vehicles traveling at speeds of up to 100 km/h, this system showcases a modular design that facilitates swift repairs through the seamless replacement of components within a mere 10-minute timeframe. Notably, its ultra-slim configuration necessitates minimal ground excavation, rendering installation a streamlined process.

To delve deeper into the technical intricacies of the HAWKBERG® HB7080UVSS QB, this Area Scan-Based Under Vehicle Scanner epitomizes precision in area scan image generation while effectively mitigating distortions. It represents the pinnacle of under-vehicle scanning technology, offering a fertile platform for the seamless integration of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning paradigms.

Its impressive capabilities are further underscored by its area scan scanner, which delivers high-resolution 4096P color image output. Real-time imaging is another feature that enhances its utility, providing instantaneous display of scanned chassis components. Moreover, this system accommodates a diverse range of vehicles, regardless of chassis height or length, and supports bidirectional scanning through embedded triggers. Notably, its License Plate Recognition (LPR) capabilities extend to both front and rear plates, enhancing its security applications.

Engineered with rugged stainless steel, it is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The HB7080UVSS QB also offers comprehensive Image Signal Processing (ISP) functions, including brightness adjustment, saturation control, and color balance modulation. Supporting vehicle speeds of up to 100 km/h, it features a modular design for expedited repairs through component replacement within a 10-minute window. Its ultra-slim profile simplifies installation, requiring excavation of less than 50mm for optimal integration.

Hawkberg Permanent Fixed Under Vehicle Scanner: HB7010 UVIS




Sensor typeArea scan, employing advanced imaging technology, to perform a comprehensive and systematic inspection of a vehicle’s undercarriage.
ResolutionAn impressive resolution of over 10,000 pixels horizontally by 4,096 pixels vertically, ensuring exceptionally detailed and precise imaging of the vehicle’s undercarriage.
IlluminationUsing the bright LED (OSRAM-Germany), beam angle 120º with Efficacy (min)110lm/W
LED (MTBF)100,000 failures per million hours for a product
Capture speedImage capture rate exceeding  99.9%, 100 kilometers per hour ( ~62.14 miles per hour).
Video capture formatH.265, H.264 for video & JPEG/ MJPEG for images
Load ratingLoad bearing vehicle weight 60 tonnes/ 132,277.2 pounds/ 60,000 kilograms.
Size limitsHeight: 5~200cm/ 1.97~78.74Inch,
Width : < 450cm/ 177.17 inches,       Length : Unlimited
Viewing anglePanoramic view, Ultra wide angle > 180º
TemperatureOperation: -20ºC ~+65ºC, Storage:-20ºC ~ +65ºC
Humidity20 ~ 95% non-condensing
MaterialHigh grade SUS stainless steel
Ingress protectionIP 68,  IP68 (equivalent to NEMA 6P) indicates top-tier dust and waterproofing, vital for resilient electronic equipment in demanding industrial and outdoor environments.
Power supplyDC 24.0V /3A ±5%
Dimensions120 x 30  x 7.5 cm/ 47.24 x 11.81 x 2.95 inches
CommunicationRS 485, RS 232, TCP/IP
Data transmission over network cables (CAT5, 5E etc), fiber optics, coaxial, wireless
Ingress protectionIP66/ NEMA 4X, totally protected against dust & against strong jets of water from all directions – limited ingress permitted.
Unit dimension26.3  x 15  x 7.8 cm/ 10.35 x 5.91 x 3.07 inches
TemperatureOperation -10ºC ~ +60ºC, Storage -10ºC ~ +60ºC
PoEIEEE 802.3af/at,  PoE standard enabling power and data transmission over Ethernet cables. IEEE 802.3af delivers up to 15.4W, while IEEE 802.3at provides up to 30W, supporting various network devices.
Humidity20 ~ 95% non-condensing
Power110~230VAC, 50/60 Hertz
Intel Core i5 for robust performance, 4GB RAM for efficient multitasking, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD for ample data storage.


Ultra-Low-Profile Installation Design
Robust Stainless Steel Construction
Cutting-edge Under-Vehicle Scanning
High-Resolution 4096P Imaging
Embedded Bi-directional Triggers
Area scan technology UVSS
Real-time Chassis Inspection
Bidirectional License Plate Recognition
Comprehensive Image Signal Processing (ISP)
Versatile Chassis Compatibility
High-Velocity Vehicle Support
Efficient Modular Architecture
Flush mount system


Technical Specifications
OperationsManual for Fixed Under Vehicle Scanning System
Maintenance Manual for Fixed Under Vehicle Inspection System
DrawingsDimensions for Fixed Under Vehicle Inspection System
CertificationsClick here
InstructionsSafety instruction for Fixed Under Vehicle Inspection System
VersionLatest upgrades details Fixed Under Vehicle Inspection System

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