Area Scan Under Vehicle Scanning System is a pinnacle of sophistication in security solutions, meticulously designed for comprehensive inspections of vehicle undersides. It employs advanced imaging technology, including wide-angle cameras, to capture complete images of vehicle undercarriages in a single scan. This system finds its primary application in high-security environments such as government facilities, military bases, customs checkpoints, and critical infrastructure locations, where stringent security measures are of paramount importance. One of its key advantages lies in its ability to provide an extensive and detailed view of the entire undercarriage without the need for multiple scans or camera repositioning. This feature allows for efficient and rapid inspections, making it ideal for locations with high vehicular traffic. The system excels in detecting concealed objects, anomalies, or potential threats with pinpoint precision, thereby enhancing security protocols and enabling swift responses when necessary. Its adaptability to various weather conditions and real-time analysis capabilities further augment its effectiveness in safeguarding sensitive areas. In essence, the Area Scan Under Vehicle Scanning System signifies a cutting-edge solution for elevating security measures and ensuring meticulous vehicle inspections in critical security environments.

HAWKBERG® HB 7010UVSS M, a state-of-the-art Area Scan Under Vehicle Scanner System designed to revolutionize security in environments with the most stringent requirements. Tailored for use in government facilities, military installations, customs checkpoints, and other high-security locales, this advanced system harnesses cutting-edge area scanning technology. It delivers unrivaled precision and efficiency in vehicle inspections, guaranteeing the highest level of safety and threat detection capabilities. With remarkable features, the HB 7010UVSS M sets the benchmark for fixed usage UVSS systems. Utilizing Color Area Scan technology, it can capture vehicle undersides at speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour, ensuring swift and uninterrupted inspections. The system boasts high-resolution imaging capabilities of up to a full 4096p, ensuring even the smallest details are captured with crystal clarity. Versatile and adaptable, it accommodates various vehicle types without any limitations on scan length. Serving as an all-in-one ground camera solution, it eliminates the need for expensive external servers, thereby saving resources and maintenance costs. Thriving in all weather conditions, it performs flawlessly even in the harshest environments.  HB 7010UVSS M incorporates advanced intelligent cameras that can internally encode all captured images, streamlining data processing. Furthermore, its dual-direction scan capability guarantees comprehensive inspections, leaving no room for security vulnerabilities. Elevate your security standards with the HAWKBERG® HB 7010UVSS M, where cutting-edge technology meets uncompromising security.

Hawkberg Permanent Fixed Under Vehicle Scanner: HB7010 UVIS




Sensor typeLine scan (Linear), building up an image, one line at a time, using a line sensor (linear array), which passes in a linear motion over an object, or where the object passes in a linear motion under the sensor. for a given field of view (FOV) a line scan set-up can give far superior spatial resolution.
Resolution10.2 Megapixel (5000 x 2048 pixels) color
IlluminationUsing the bright LED (OSRAM-Germany), beam angle 120º with Efficacy (min)110lm/W
LED (MTBF)100,000 failures per million hours for a product
Capture speed65 Kilometers per hour (40 Miles per hour)
Video capture formatH.265, H.264 for video & MJPEG for images
Load rating40 ton each axle (central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear)
Size120 x 350 x 300cm (47.2 x 137.7 x 118.1inch),
30 x87.5x 75cm(11.8×34.43×29.53 inch) each block
TemperatureOperation  -20ºC ~+65ºC,
Storage       -20ºC ~ +65ºC
Humidity20 ~ 95% non-condensing
MaterialHigh grade SUS stainless steel
Ingress protectionIP 68
Power supplyDC 24.0V /3A ±5% ( for camera section)
DC 24.0V / 4.5A ±5% 150W ( for LED illumination section)
CommunicationRS 485, RS 232, TCP/IP
Data transmission over network cables (CAT5, 5E etc), fiber optics, coaxial, wireless
Ingress protectionIP66/ NEMA 4X, totally protected against dust & against strong jets of water from all directions – limited ingress permitted.
TemperatureOperation -10ºC ~ +60ºC,
Storage -10ºC ~ +60ºC
Humidity20 ~ 95% non-condensing
Power110~230VAC, 50/60 Hertz
21”LED Monitor, Intel® Core i7, Memory 16 GB RAM, Incorporated RS485 Port, USB2.0 Port x 2, Storage 500 GB HDD, 120 GB SSD, VGA 1 GB, Operating System Windows® OS.


– Area Scan Under Vehicle Scanner
– Flush mount, Surface mount (option)
– IP68 rated casing
– 40 Ton axle weight
– 65 Kilometers per hour (40 Miles/ hour)
– RS485, RS232, TCP/IP communication
– IP66/ NEMA 4X Outdoor unit
– Artificial Intelligence Module for accuracy
– Integration with ANPR/ LPR module
– SUS316 type steel wherever applicable


Technical Specifications
OperationsManual for Fixed Under Vehicle Scanning System
Maintenance Manual for Fixed Under Vehicle Inspection System
DrawingsDimensions for Fixed Under Vehicle Inspection System
CertificationsClick here
InstructionsSafety instruction for Fixed Under Vehicle Inspection System
VersionLatest upgrades details Fixed Under Vehicle Inspection System

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