Multi Zone Walkthrough Gate, HAWKBERG® HB133Z,  with 33 detection zones,  stands as a pinnacle of security solutions, exemplifying unwavering quality, reliability, and dedication. This state-of-the-art gate offers an exclusive and effective means to counter both visible and concealed threats, ensuring a shield against potential disasters and fostering an environment of safety and assurance.

Distinguished by its stability and innovation, HAWKBERG® Multi Zone Walkthrough Gate,  redefine security measures. Through its meticulously designed independent detecting zones, the gate achieves a new level of precision, significantly minimizing false alarms. The integrated technology not only accurately pinpoints the location of metallic objects but also enhances anti-interference capabilities, setting a higher standard for security. Additionally, the gates incorporate passcode protection to maintain controlled access, guaranteeing accurate results. With its IP55 rating, this device proves its mettle in diverse environments, establishing itself as a versatile solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. In essence, the HAWKBERG® HB133Z Walkthrough Gate symbolizes innovation and reliability, redefining security paradigms for the modern age.

sophisticated 33 Zone Walkthrough Metal Detector Gate, model HB133Z by Hawkberg UK, designed for comprehensive security screening.




Zones & Detection areas33 detecting areas
Programs18 independent programs designed to meet installation specific requirements including TSA enhanced metal detector system requirements for airports.
AccuracyElimination of the false alarm areas and accurately determine the location of the metal objects.
MonitoringMonitors accurately the prohibited articles which are hidden at the places of human body with corresponding height. The column lamps at the right side of operation panel indicate the alarm areas.
Sensitivity0~253 sensitivity adjustment. With the highest sensibility, it can detect the metal article as small as one coin. And can automatically adjust the sensibility, according the weight, volume, and location of the metal parts and eliminate the false alarming for the coin, key, jewelry, leather belt buckle, etc.
Anti-InterferenceThe adoption of balancing technology for digital & analog, left & right can prevent false or omitted alarming, which greatly enhance the capability of anti-interference.
User levelsPassword protection for un-authorized operation
CounterIntelligent counter to count the passenger flow and alarms
SafetyLow Electromagnetic radiations hence safe for human body, pregnant women, magnetic software, tapes and video recording tapes.
NetworkingThe RS485 port can connect the unit at distance of 1200 Meters from the main control unit & 32 units can be connected together. It’s easy to control and adjust the progress.
Power supplyPower supply is installed at top of unit and controlled by the operation panel.
90 ~240VAC±10% 50/60Hz, 5A (max)
Consumption 35W
TemperatureOperation 0ºC ~45ºC, Storage -25ºC ~ 70ºC
Humidity20 ~ 95% non-condensing
DimensionsOuter frame (H x W x D) : 2240 x 900 x 580 mm (88.18 x 35.43 x 22.83 inch)
Inner frame (H x W x D)  : 2030 x 760 x 580 mm (79.92 x 29.92 x 22.83 inch)
Weight68 Kg (net)/ 75 Kg (gross)
Ingress ProtectionIP 55, IEC 529 IP 55, Protected from limited dust ingress & low pressure water jets from any direction.
Regulatory informationMeets electrical safety and compatibility requirements for CE, FCC
LanguagesGerman, English, Italian, Polski, French, Czech, Turkish, Spanish, Russian.
OptionalRemote control, Battery backup 12.6 VDC


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