SPECIALISED WALKTHROUGH GATE, HAWKBERG® HB 618Z is a remarkable embodiment of technical excellence within the domain of metal detection technology. It sets an industry standard for precision, stability, and security. With its 18 eighteen independent detecting areas, this gate employs specific technology to eliminate false alarms and precisely pinpoint the location of metal objects, providing security personnel with invaluable information. Notably, the gate’s auto-adjustable sensitivity not only eliminates false alarms but also upholds the highest anti-interference standards, ensuring a flawless and uninterrupted security operation.

Security is further enhanced through the inclusion of password protection, safeguarding against unauthorized access and maintaining system integrity. The gate’s intelligent counters serve a dual purpose by accurately tallying individuals passing through for crowd control while simultaneously tracking alarm triggers to assist security personnel in assessing potential threats. Positioned at the gate’s head, the power unit remains secure and tamper-resistant. Its IP55 rating makes it adaptable for use in environmentally sensitive locations, whether indoors or outdoors.

Connectivity is seamless via the RS485 port, allowing connections to control points at distances of up to 1200 meters. Additionally, the option to randomly connect up to 253 gates ensures comprehensive coverage for larger areas and facilities. In summary, the HAWKBERG® HB 618Z Specialised walkthrough gate represents the pinnacle of advanced security technology, combining stability, precision, and a robust feature set. It instills trust in security professionals and facility managers, offering a reliable solution for safeguarding diverse environments. The integration of these gates signifies a significant advancement in security technology, setting new standards for precision and reliability in the field.

Specialized walkthrough gate metal detector by Hawkberg UK

8 zones, Adjustment levels 0 ~255
Portable, easy deployment
IP65 Ingress proof rating
Aluminum, Mar resistant and scratch proof lamination
CE certified



Monitor7-inch LCD capacitive touch screen
Touch-screen operation
Remote controlMobile APP remote control (Optional)
Network interfaceMultiple
Control alarmsExternal control alarm device port
UpgradeSecondary development port/upgrade port
CounterPedestrian count, alarm
Record queryQuery in/out record
PasswordDual password protection
PartitionSmart Partition
Smart Partition alarm indicator
SMD LED IndicatorDouble sides with super brightness
  Working frequency levels100
Alarm modeQuiet mode, Adjust the alarm sound, Multiple alarm sounds
Alarm indicatorFront or rear single side alarm light
Front sides alarm indicate lights
Four sides led lights/optional
SensitivitySensitivity of each zone can be adjusted
Adjustment 0~255
Security1~50 Yes
Detection zones18 detection zones
ApplicationBuilt-in 50 applications
Backup batteryBack-up battery continues work for 2h(optional), 8h(optional)
Metal standard sizeMetal size ≥ 6g
Factory settingsRestore factory settings feature
DimensionsExternal frame 2240 × 670 x 850 mm (88.18 x 26.37 x 33.46 inch)
Internal channel 2000 x 700 mm (78.74 x 27.55 inch)
WeightNet weight 67Kg, Gross weight 75KG
Operating voltageAC 90V ~ 240V ±10%, 50/60Hz
Power12 watts
Working frequency1-100
TemperatureOperation 0ºC ~45ºC, Storage -25ºC ~ 70ºC
ElectricalEN 60950
Radiation standardsEN 50081-1
Anti-interference standardEN 50082-1
WTMD NationalGB15210-2003
QualityISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2008
HealthOHSAS 18001
EnvironmentISO 14001
GeneralCE, FCC, ROHS


Technical SpecificationsTechnical Specifications for Walkthrough Gate 16 Zone Hawkberg HB618Z
User ManualUser manual for HAWKBERG HB 618Z Walkthrough gate
Maintenance ManualMaintenance manual for HAWKBERG HB 618Z  Walkthrough gate
DrawingsDimensions for Hawkberg  HAWKBERG HB 618Z Walkthrough gate
CertificationsCE              FCC               RoHS
Special InstructionsSafety instruction set for HAWKBERG HB 618Z Walkthrough gate
Version InformationEngineering modification details for HAWKBERG HB 618Z Walkthrough gate

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