Compact X-Ray Baggage Scanner HB3775XC2

An epitome of cutting-edge technology for luggage and parcel screening at high-profile locations. This state-of-the-art unit harnesses a premium X-Ray generator to yield superlative images, showcasing an extraordinary steel penetration depth of up to 43mm and an impressive resolution down to an exquisite 0.08 metal line. With a meticulously optimized conveyor speed of 0.22 m/sec and an industrious load capacity of 180 kg, it guarantees seamless and efficient throughput.

The tunnel dimensions, spanning a generous 650 mm in width and 500 mm in height, expedite rapid scanning, rendering it optimally suited for scrutinizing parcels, jackets, and sanctioned bag sizes within high-security perimeters. Outfitted with cutting-edge image processing technology, HAWKBERG HB 3775 XC2 Compact X-Ray Baggage Scanner boasts an array of enhancements, encompassing edge enhancement, image magnification, and dynamic lightening mechanisms that conspicuously enhance visibility. It deftly mitigates image obscurity, enabling the retrieval of images at an impressive 65536 shades and culminating in an immaculate maximum resolution of 1024 x 1280 pixels.

Engineered to cater to scenarios across the risk spectrum – spanning high, medium, and low-risk scenarios – HAWKBERG HB 3775 XC2 finds its prime utility in diverse applications like ports, borders, the transportation sector, and critical infrastructures. Its advanced and nuanced capabilities orchestrate a symphony of efficient and reliable security screening across multifarious settings, thus assuming a pivotal role in fortifying safety and amplifying the discernment of threat detection measures. This compact marvel not only embodies a testament to technological innovation but also unfurls unparalleled security within a confined footprint.

Hawkberg HB 3775XC2 Compact X-Ray Baggage Scanner




Tunnel dimensions650 x 500mm (25.60 x 19.70 inch)DetectorL type Photo-Diode array detector ,12 bit
Object size (max)650 x 500mm (25.60 x 19.70 inch)Image levels storage65536 grey level storage
Conveyor height369mm (2.71inch)Image processingEdge enhancement contour for distinction, Image detail distinction by super image
Conveyor speed~0.22 m/s (43.3 ft./min)Alarmenhancement, Image restoration to initial status, Real time image storage.
Conveyor load (max)180 kg (330 lbs)Energy DetectionDual
Size/ Resolution19”LCD Monitor, 24bit real colors, Resolution 1280 x 1024,
Wire resolution>38AWG (0.1mm metal Wire)COMPUTER
Spatial resolutionHorizontal / Vertical φ 1.0mmHardware/SoftwareIntel® Core i5, Memory 4 GB RAM, Storage 500 GB HDD, 120 GB SSD, VGA 1 GB,
Operating System Windows® OS Backup: Uninterruptible Power Supply (Optional)
Steel penetration43 mm armor platePenetration resolution< .127mm
X Ray level<5.0 µGy
Film safetyASA/ISO 1600 DIN standardENVIRONMENT
Duty cycleFull 100%, no warm up requiredTemperatureOperation 0ºC ~45ºC, Storage -20ºC ~ 60ºC
X Ray leakage<0. 35uGy/h (50mm from the surface)Humidity20 ~ 95% non-condensing
Wire detectability.08mm (minimum diameter of copper wire)Ingress protectionIP20/ IP43
Anode voltage 140 KV (100-160 KV optional) adjustableNoise level<55 dB (A)
Tube current0.4mA – 1.2mA (optional)Power supply110VAC ±10%, (220VAC ±10%) 50/60Hz, 15 Amp (max)
Anode coolingHermetically packed sealed oil bath with forced air/100%Consumption0.4KW
InterfaceAnalog interface for controlDimensions204 x 92 x 130(cm)/ 80 x 36.2 x 51.2 (inchs)
AngleVertically upwardsWeight450kg/ 992.08lbs


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