Standard X-Ray Baggage Scanner HAWKBERG HB 4037 BS2 holds a distinguished reputation as a prevalent unit, extensively deployed across high-profile locations for comprehensive luggage and parcel screening. Powered by a top-tier X-Ray generator, this unit meticulously crafts high-quality images, showcasing an extraordinary steel penetration capacity of up to 38mm and an impressive resolution of up to 0.08 metal line. Optimized for operational efficiency, the conveyor speed maintains a meticulous 0.22m/sec, harmoniously supporting a permissible load capacity of 200 Kg.

The dimensions of the tunnel, measuring a width of 800 mm and a height of 650 mm, engender rapid throughput, significantly elevating the efficiency of scanning operations. This spacious aperture accommodates the meticulous scrutiny of parcels, jackets, and luggage dimensions, within the confines of high-security landscapes. Elevated by the pinnacle of image processing technology, the unit encompasses an array of enhancements spanning from edge enhancement and image magnification to image lightening and darkness reduction. This technological ingenuity substantially enhances image clarity, endowing operators with the acuity to discern intricate details with precision.

Yet, the zenith of Standard X-Ray Baggage Scanner HAWKBERG HB 4037 BS2’s brilliance lies in its ability to facilitate image retrieval, employing an astounding 65536 shades. This expansive color palette infuses an unparalleled level of precision into scanned images, unearthing a comprehensive visual representation of the scanned contents. The epitome of these technological feats is embodied within its maximum resolution of 1024 x 1280 pixels, with each pixel capturing the minutiae that collectively contribute to a comprehensive analysis.

Meticulously curated to cater to the exacting requirements of ports, borders, transportation sectors, and critical infrastructures, the HAWKBERG HB 4037 BS2 radiates the pinnacle of security and operational efficiency. In environments where security is a non-negotiable, its unparalleled capabilities are harnessed to fortify safety protocols. Emblematic of innovation, the HAWKBERG HB 4037 BS2 epitomizes the seamless fusion of precision and technology, steadfastly standing as an indispensable asset in fortifying the modern security fabric. Its design encompassing high, medium, and low-risk applications underscores its versatility, solidifying its commitment to ensuring a safer world.

Hawkberg HB4037BS2 Standard X-ray baggage scanner with a conveyor belt and X-ray imaging technology for security screening of luggage and parcels.




Tunnel dimensions800  x 650mm (31.69 x 25.75inch)
Conveyor speed0.22 m/s
Conveyor load (max)200Kg
Wire resolution>38AWG (0.08mm metal Wire)Anode voltage140 KV (100-160 KV optional)
Spatial resolutionHorizontal / Vertical φ 1.0mmTube current0.4mA – 1.2mA (optional)
Steel penetration>38mm armor plateAnode coolingHermitically packed sealed oil bath with forced air/100%
Penetration resolution<.511 mmInterfaceAnalog interface for control
X Ray level<5.0 µGyAngleVerically upwards
Film safetyASA/ISO 1600 DIN standard
Duty cycleFull 100%, no warm up required
X Ray leakage<0.11µGy/h (50mm from the surface)
Detector typeDual
DetectorL type Photo-Diode multi detector array detector ,12bit
Image levels storage65536 grey level storage
Image processingEdge enhancement contour for distinction, Image detail distinction by super image
enhancement, Image restoration to initial status, Real time image storage.
Hardware/SoftwareIntel® Core i5, Memory 4 GB RAM, Storage 500 GB HDD, 120 GB SSD, VGA 1 GB,
Operating System Windows® OS Backup: Uninterruptible Power Supply (Optional)
Size/ Resolution17”LCD Monitor, 24bit real colors, Resolution 1280 x 1024,
TemperatureOperation 0ºC ~45ºC, Storage -20ºC ~ 60ºC
Humidity20 ~ 95% non-condensing
Ingress protectionIP20/ IP43
Noise level<55 dB (A)
Power supply110VAC±10%, (220VAC±10%) 50/60Hz, 15A (max)
Consumption0.8KW (max)
Dimensions3980 x 1130 x 1800mm (156.69 x 44.51 x 70.91 inchs) L x W x H


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