Hand Held Thermal Detector HB78HTD

HAWKBERG HB78HTD hand held elevated temperature detention using thermal sensor
>> Elevated temperature detection & measurement
>> Auto-capture of high temperature spot
>> Real-time measurement
>> 160 x 120 un-cooled FPA
>> Accuracy ±0.5
>> 2.8” Display
>> IP54 rated
>> CE, RoHS




Detector typeUncooled
Temperature30°C ~ 45°C
Precision±0.5°C @ 1M
IR resolution160 x 120, 19200 pixels
Pixel size12 μm
Field of View (H x V)56°x 42°
Thermal sensitivity50 mK
Instantaneous FoV6 milliradians/ mRad
Frame rate<9 Hertz
Measuring distance (min)150mm (15 cm)
Optimal measuring distance1000 mm (1 Meter)
Response time< 500 ms
IR spectral bandwidth8-14μm
Image formatBMP file format, device independent bitmap file
Image modeThermal imaging, digital camera (visible light),
combination of both
Image storageMicro SD card
Image transmissionReal time
Temperature displayCenter temperature measurement & high temperature tracking
(default high temperature tracking)
Temperature measurement pointIn addition to the center point, 3 temperature measurement
points can be added.
AnalysisUsing windows based software HB Therm-19
Visible lightIncorporated feature
Resolution in visible light640 x 480
Hybrid settingsAll visible light 0%
Thermal imaging 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
Thermal palletesIron Red :Fine tuned iron palette has 5-7 key colors which are then interpolated, Rainbow :Best suited for scenes with
minimal heat
change, White Hot :Displays warmer objects in white & cooler objects
in black,Black Hot :Inverted version of White Hot, displaying warmer
objects as black and cooler objects as white, Red Hot, Lava, High
Contrast Rainbow.
CommunicationUSB -C (Type C USB),
Standard IEC 62680-1-3, data rates 10/20 Gbit/s (1/ ~2.4 GB/s)
Display2.8” TFT LCD monitor
Resolution 320 x 240
PowerBattery Li-on 3.7 V/ 500 mAH
Auto shut on non use 30 minutes (default), 5/10 (programmable)
Operation time on one go 360 minutes ideally (six hours)
Charging current 2A, Voltage 5V
EnvironmentIngress protection rating IP54
Temperature Operating 20°C ~60°C, Storage 15°C~30°C
Humidity < 85% Relative
CertificationsSC, CE, RoHS, WEEE, HB tested
TripodOptional (Needed if used without human interference)


Additional information


Elevated temperature detection & measurement


160 x 120 un-cooled FPA

Ingress protection



± 0.5


LCD 2.8”


Technical SpecificationsTechnical specification sheet for  Thermal handheld temperature detector HAWKBERG HB 78HTD
User ManualUser manual for Thermal handheld temperature detector HAWKBERG HB 78HTD
Maintenance ManualMaintenance manual for Thermal handheld temperature detector HAWKBERG HB 78HTD
DrawingsDimensions for Thermal handheld temperature detector HAWKBERG HB 78HTD
CertificationsCE              FCC               RoHS
Special InstructionsSafety instruction set for Thermal handheld temperature detector HAWKBERG HB 78HTD
Version InformationEngineering modification details for Thermal handheld temperature detector HAWKBERG HB 78HTD
Compatibility listCompatibility list


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