HB PX220R Portable X Ray Scanner

HAWKBERG HB PX220R,  is a portable security inspection system. Designed to be small size, light weight, easy to carry, flexible and flexible features, the total weight of equipment 22.6KG. It is very convenient and flexible to use in narrow space. It can quickly detect weapons, drugs, explosives and other contraband concealed in parcels, vehicles, daily and office supplies. It can be widely used in explosion-proof security inspection, criminal technical investigation, mobile drug detection, and sampling inspection of small factory products.


Portable X ray source parameters
Tube electric pressure30 KV -120KV
Tube current0.3mA—1mA(Adjustable)
Penetration force25mm steel plate,   60mm Aluminum plate
Size (mm)245 x 80 x 184
Imaging panel parameters
Pixel spacing140 μm
Spatial resolution3.6LP/mm
Drawing time1S-3S
Imaging size (mm)430mm × 350
work environment5-40 ºC,10-75% RH
Appearance size (mm)380 × 460 × 15
Laptop parameters
Display resolution1920 × 1080 ( 15 inch monitor)
Operating systemWindows 10 or higher
CPUIntel i5
Video card2G  (Discrete graphics)
Hard disk1 TB

Additional information


The X ray detector box is super thin and portable with less than 15mm thickness

Imaging area(mm)

~ 4300mm x 3500mm. It can be detected by X-ray fluoroscopy only once.

Detection base adjustment

According to the shape and position of the object to be detected. It can be used for forward, lateral, inverted, upright and downward position.

Detection efficiency

Super that greatly reduces the radiation dose.


Equipped with high power and high performance lithium ion battery, it can detect more than 600 suspected bags at one time.

Image processing software

Can acquire X-ray perspective images in real time and provide powerful professional digital image processing functions.

Power supply

AC/ DC power supply. In absence of 220V power supply, it can be used continuously for 24 hours.


Designed for harsh environment.


Technical SpecificationsTechnical specification sheet for  HB PX220R Portable X Ray
User ManualUser manual for  HB PX220R Portable X Ray
Maintenance ManualMaintenance manual for HB PX220R Portable X Ray
DrawingsDimensions for HB PX220R Portable X Ray
CertificationsCE              FCC               RoHS
Special InstructionsSafety instruction set for HB PX220R Portable X Ray
Version InformationEngineering modification details for HB PX220R Portable X Ray


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