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Security systems supplier company, established in 2007 in the United Kingdom, has evolved into a multifaceted entity that has made significant contributions to the security industry. As a manufacturer, research company, solution provider, brand, and technical product developer, HAWKBERG has left an indelible mark on the field of security solutions.

Manufacturer of Cutting-Edge Security Technologies

HAWKBERG SYSTEMS LIMITED takes pride in its role as a manufacturer of state-of-the-art security technologies. The company's commitment to innovation has led to the production of cutting-edge products such as X-ray Baggage Scanners, Under Vehicle Scanning Systems (UVSS), Walkthrough Gates, Handheld Metal Detectors, and Security Bollards. These products are designed and manufactured with precision to meet the exacting standards of the security industry.

Dedicated Research Company

In its pursuit of excellence, HAWKBERG operates as a dedicated research company, continually pushing the boundaries of security technology. Through extensive research and development efforts, the company strives to stay ahead of emerging security threats and challenges. This commitment to research ensures that HAWKBERG's solutions remain at the forefront of the security landscape.

Comprehensive Solution Provider

HAWKBERG SYSTEMS LIMITED is more than just a manufacturer or research company; it is a comprehensive solution provider and Security systems supplier company. The company understands that security is a multifaceted concern, and as such, it offers end-to-end security solutions. By integrating its range of products, including X-ray Baggage Scanners, UVSS, Walkthrough Gates, Handheld Metal Detectors, and Security Bollards, HAWKBERG delivers holistic security solutions that cater to diverse needs.

A Trusted Brand in Security

Over the years, HAWKBERG has earned a reputation as a trusted brand in the security industry. The HAWKBERG trademark is synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation. Clients worldwide have come to rely on HAWKBERG's expertise to enhance their security infrastructure and protect their assets.

Technical Product Developer of Excellence

HAWKBERG SYSTEMS LIMITED's technical product development capabilities are second to none. The company's team of engineers and experts consistently develops and refines security solutions that set industry standards. From enhancing the sensitivity of Handheld Metal Detectors to optimizing the precision of X-ray Baggage Scanners, HAWKBERG continually pushes the envelope of technical innovation.

In conclusion, HAWKBERG SYSTEMS LIMITED, with its formation i has risen to prominence as a versatile player in the security industry. As a manufacturer, research company, solution provider, brand, and technical product developer, it has demonstrated unwavering dedication to advancing security technology. With the HAWKBERG trademark symbolizing excellence and innovation, the company remains a beacon of trust for clients seeking top-tier security solutions.

The information you provided appears to be about two different companies named HAWKBERG SYSTEMS LIMITED and HAWKBERG SYSTEMS (UK) LIMITED. Here is a brief summary of the details you mentioned:

Company Number: 10972533
Registered Address: Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX
Company Number: 09106728
Registered Address: Wisteria Camrose House, 2a Camrose Avenue, Edgware, Middlesex, United Kingdom, HA8 6EG
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